Deploy smart contract on Alph Mainnet through Ethereum Remix and Metamask.

Step by step guide to deploy the smart contract on Alph Mainnet through Remix and Metamask.

Stage 1: Setup the Environment

  • You can find the Ethereum remix at After this, you need to select the environment according to your contract.

Contract Home Page

  • After selecting the environment according to your contract you need to create a new file and name it.

  • Then you just need to paste your contract in the new file which you have created and select the compiler version as per your contract.

Contract Home Page

  • And then compile your contract.

Stage 2: Add Metamask in Chrome

  • After compiling your contract, you need to deploy it.

  • You would need to download Metamask in order to further deploy your contract.

  • Afterwhich, you can simply Metamask as an extension in your Google Chrome browser.

  • For more details on how to get started with Metamask Crypto Asset, click here

Contract Home Page

  • Once you accept all the terms and conditions, enter a strong password, and remember your password as every time you would need to feed in the password in order to access Metamask.

  • After that, you will see a seed with which you can access your wallet. Make sure you take a proper backup of your Keystore as Alph network is decentralized.

Contract Home Page

Stage 3: Deploy the contract

  • After getting the test token on Metamask, you can deploy the token from Ethereum Remix and submit the required transaction.

  • Post the deployment of the contract you can check the tx hash on the Metamask. This means you have deployed your contract successfully and you can check it on Alph Explorer.

Contract Home Page

Stage 4: Interact with contract

You can also interact with your smart contract on the Ethereum remix.