A Step-By-Step Guide To Issue Your Own Token On Alph Network In A Few Minutes

Gone are the days when issuing your own token on a network would cost a fortune. Mycontract is a revolutionary platform that allows users to issue their tokens on Alph network in as little as 20 minutes.

Before users explore further, it’s recommended to read the below-given disclaimer.

*As Alph global community knows, Alph platform is fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine. Therefore, Alph will be using ERC20 smart contract template on mycontract platform to issue new tokens on the Alph network.

Let’s see how to deploy a new token on Alph network using Coincode:

Visit mycontract website to deploy the new token contract on Alph network.

Login into Coincode.app platform. New users can sign up either by email or by using Facebook, Google or Github.

The user can check the number of the packages he has bought on his mycontract dashboard to deploy the token contract on Alph network.

After purchasing the package, the user is required to create the tokenization ERC-20 contract. Just type in the right token details and click ‘create’ to get your contract code in a few seconds.

As soon as the contract code is generated, the user needs to automatically deploy the generated contract on the Alph network.

The user will get three network options. Select Alph network to deploy the token contract.

Now, the user can view the contract deployed on Alph network.

After the user has successfully deployed the contract, he will receive a success email in his inbox that his smart contract is deployed and a new token is generated. The user will also receive the code of his ERC20 token via email.

Tools to Access Newly Created token:

Alph Provide facility to Add your token with Wallet

Save Private key at Safe place .

goto Menu and Select option “add new token” and add your token.

Web wallet (client-side interface for generating wallet) Also Available at https://wallet.alph.network/