Alph Private Fork


Operating System: Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit or higher

Tools: Docker, Docker Compose


CPU : 32

RAM : 16GB

HDD : 600GB

Network Ports

Following network ports need to be open for the nodes to communicate

21001-2100* TCP/UDP GETH

22001-2200* TCP

23001-2300* TCP RAFT

9001-900* TCP Constellation

*-auto-increment depending on number of nodes

Clone repository

More informaion soon.

Starting the nodes

You may now start the nodes in any order. You should see a banner, some log lines and eventually Node started up and registered, indicating that the node is fully started.

In terms of process management there is no prescribed method. You may start the jars by hand or perhaps use systemd and friends.


Only a handful of important lines are printed to the console. For details/diagnosing problems check the logs.

Logging is standard log4j2 and may be configured accordingly. Logs are by default redirected to files in NODE_DIRECTORY/logs/.

Connecting to the nodes

Once a node has started up successfully you may connect to it as a client to initiate protocols/query state etc. Depending on your network setup you may need to tunnel to do this remotely.

See the Using the client RPC API on how to establish an RPC link.

Sidenote: A client is always associated with a single node with a single identity, which only sees their part of the ledger.