This page will provide users with an overview of Alph Network's product map and how to read the documentation site, depending on readers' interest.

The backbone of Alph Network's products and ecosystem is the Alph Network blockchain with its innovative d-POA consensus. To facilitate interactions between users and the Alph Network blockchain, a set of products have been built, including Alph Explorer, Alph Masternode, Alph Wallet, and our Network stats page. Alph Network has been also developing a decentralized exchange protocol with its relayer-based architecture. These products will be continuously improved in our long-term plan. Furthermore, more highly innovative products and technologies will be intensively developed and researched to make Alph Network become an ideal platform for blockchain games, open finance, and enterprise-oriented applications.

  • Alph Network: Alph Network is the backbone public blockchain of Alph Network's product map.

  • Alph Explorer: Alph Explorer provides a user friendly, details and perfection-oriented user interface for Alph Network block explorer. From a user perspective, AlphScan brings Alph Network’s transparency to users, because all block, transaction, finality, smart contracts, dApp and token information are read from Alph Network and shown to users. Furthermore, Alph Explorer also offers technical visualisations and does useful statistics about the Alph Network performance, token holders and other functionalities.

  • Alph Android Wallet: Alph Wallet is the official mobile wallet for Alph Network, aiming to store the $ALPH native coin and tokens issued on Alph Network.